Why Relevant

Relevant is committed to excellence, innovation, and professionalism.

Our value stems directly from the talent and commitment of our attorneys who practice law in a smarter, more client-focused way. Our attorneys focus their skills and creative strategies, to provide common sense and practical solutions."
~ Mark Bold, CEO & Managing Attorney


We are
redefining law

We use a modern and more sophisticated business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing traditionally associated with law firms. Our innovative approach to law firm management allows us to offer customers exactly what they are seeking: sophisticated legal advice from knowledgeable attorneys at attractive, affordable rates.
We use and developed technology to provide legal services in a more efficient and affordable way.
Relevant exists to conduct legal work in a smarter, more efficient and affordable way, while delivering best practices service. Relevant attorneys have the experience to handle the simple and complex matters. We are a forward-thinking law practice passionately committed to better service with better solutions. It’s a big promise, we know.
We embrace a culture of innovation with a focus on strong leadership, openness to experimentation, and a willingness that “pushes the limit” of what can be possible with modern technology, while delivering an overarching focus on the customer.

We are ready to help you with your legal matters.

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We are ready to help you with your legal matters.